3a. Pierādījumu dosjē

“Abolition of Adoptions without Parental Consent”
Online Evidence in Support of a Petition to the EU Parliament

A Compilation of Statistics, Media Coverage and Human Outcry or ‘Cris de Coeurs’

When investigating the problem of adoptions without parental consent, especially in the UK, it has to be noted that children are often snatched by force, against their own and the parents’ will, generally without legal documentation or authorisation, even at birth. ‘Evidence’ is produced while the children are in ‘care’, supposedly in the ‘interest of the child’. Secret family court hearings first justify the ‘care’ and then the adoption, against the parents’ wishes.

In the meantime, ‘contact’ may be allowed, but supervised, often imposing deeply disturbing conditions and lately even payment! Furthermore, parents may get ‘injunction orders’ that threaten with imprisonment, should they dare to complain about their ordeal to the media. Those who end up in prison may or may not see their children there. The ultimate punishment without crime takes place when the parental consent for adoption is dispensed with in unlawful ways. Furthermore, a ‘culture of non-investigation of crimes against children’ exists, starting with some 50 children a year dying in ‘care’.

This Dossier of Evidence comprises
1.    Official Statistics
2.    Other Published Statistics
3.    Key Documents relating to ‘Child Snatching’ and ‘Foster Care’ as Stepping Stones
4.    TV Coverage
5.    Press Coverage
6.    Early Day Motions in Parliament
7.    Events
8.    Websites and Blogs
9.    YouTube Videos
10.  Facebook Groups and Pages
11.  Our Online Petitions
12.  Other People’s Petitions
1.    Official Statistics
a.    50 kids DYING in care’–considered to be low by Edward Timpson MP, Secretary of State for Education, without any prosecution, sentencing or compensation
b.    10,000 running away from care’ –while the official figure is 930 – published by the responsible All Party Parliamentary Groups
c.    27,900 kids taken in 2007, 42,700 taken in 2011 – a 35% increase in 4 years
d.    200 parents imprisoned by family courts in 2006 – as admitted in Parliament by Harriet Harman MP – generally for ‘contempt of court’ or ‘gagging orders’ – unique to the UK.
2.    Other Published Statistics
a.    About Adoption Targets
b.    Concerning the Children
c.    Relating to the Money
3.    Key documents – relating to Child Snatching and Foster Care as stepping stones for Forced Adoptions
a.    Portfolio of Nine Cases – Submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Education.
4.    Mainstream Media Overview – seven pages of articles, TV and other publications
TV Coverage:
a.    ITV This Morning: Family demands apology from Social Services
b.    ITV This Morning: Protect our Children from Social Services
c.    BBC1 Panorama: Kids Lost in Care   – 24 June 2013
d.    Dispatches UK: The Children Britain Betrayed– 15 July 2009
e.    Channel IV News: UK family courts are corrupt with unqualified experts stealing children
f.     Belgium Radio: Great Britain – The Stolen Children
g.    Belgium TV: UK Caught Stealing Children Part 1Part 2 – 15 Mar 2013
h.    France Canal V: England – the Kingdom of the Lost Children [broadcast in Belgium]
i.      Russia Today TV: Social Care: Cops take kids away in ‘forced adoption’ racket
j.      Russia Today TV: UK SS stealing children to make money
k.    TV Slovakia: Documentary accuses Britain of taking children away from Slovak families
l.      BBC News: Majority of ‘deprivation of liberty’ cases unreported, says report – 07/04/13
5.    Press Coverage – in chronological order
a.    Outcry over rise in forced adoptions – The Guardian – 14/08/07
b. How Social Services are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption – DailyMail -31/01/08
c.    Boy, 5, forced into adoption with gay couple pleads: ‘We want to stay with our gran and grandad’ – Daily Mail – 29/01/09
d.    Foster parents jailed for battering four-year-old – Daily Mail
e.    More ‘stupid’ mothers prevented from fighting adoptions – Sunday Times – 14/06/09
f.  ‘I was stolen from my mother’: The deeply disturbing truth about forced adoption – Daily Mail – 03/09/10 [re-united thanks to Facebook]
g.    Eight women share their incredibly moving stories about adoption – Daily Mail – 27/03/11
h.    The untold story of gagging orders – The Independent – 25/05/11
i.      Facebook page reunites 80-year-old mother and the baby she was forced to give up for adoption when she was 17 – Daily Mail – 16/08/11
j.      ‘We have to move away from a tick-box-mentality’: Cameron launches drive to make adoption easier  – Daily Mail – 31/10/11
k.    Adoption is a trial by fire. Can’t we please think of the children? – Daily Mail – 23/12/11
l.      We will cut through red tape: Cameron vows to get rid of absurd adoption barriers
– Daily Mail – 09/03/12
m.   Three year care ‘trap’ as children seeking adoption are forced to wait untill a new home is found – Daily Mail – 11/05/12
n.    Children in care are still vulnerable to widespread abuse, when is the law going to protect them? – Daily Mail – 11/05/12
o.    Australia’s scandal of forced adoptions is happening here in Britain
– The Telegraf – 23/03/13
p.    Dutch Social Workers catch the English Disease – The Telegraf – 01/06/13
q.    Thousands may sue over illegal adoptions  – Irish Examiner – 01/06/13
r.     British Mums give birth here to Avoid Forced Adoptions – Irish Independent – 10/06/13
s.     Torn from their mothers’ arms. What are Social Workers for? – The Independent – 11/06/2013
6.    Early Day Motions in Parliament – A Selection deemed to be Representative
a.    2857: Expert Witnesses in Family Court Proceedings – 13/03/12
b.    478: Human Rights and Forced Adoptions in the English and Welsh Courts – 04/09/12 – triggered by the return of 2 Slovak boys
c.    672: Foreign Concern about Care Proceedings – based on statements from Punjab and Delhi, adding Nigeria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic – 01/11/12
d.    940: Slovak Republic and the Child Protection System in England – 17/01/13
e.    1271: Michelle Freedman and Barnet Social Services – a barrister who fled to Israel to save her daughters from Social Services- 16/04/13
f.     119: Lessons from the Oxford Sexual Abuse Case – 16/05/13
g.    International Concerns about UK Law – 02/07/13
7.  Events
a.    Stop Forced Adoptions & Secret Courts – Liverpool – 15/07/13
b.    Stolen Children of the UK S.C.O.T. UK  – Downing Street – 19/07/13
c.    Children Screaming to be Heard – Grantham- 04/09/13
8.    Websites and Blogs
a.    by Parent Victims and their Supporters
i.      Forced Adoption  Published by lawyer with experience since the 60s
ii.     Pound Pup Legacy Set up by Adoptees to offer support to victims
iii.    McKenzie Friends
iv.   Punishment without Crime
v.    The Musa Case
vi.   Victims Unite
vii.  The Paedofile
viii. Children Screaming to be Heard – Maggie Tuttle’s charity
ix.   Family Rights Group– an independent charity
x.    FASIT – Families and Social Services Information Team
xi.   FASO – False Allegations
xii.  Justice for Families – Chairman John Hemming MP
xiii. Keeping Families Together
xiv. Kids for Cash UK – David Gale – UKIP – Exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and care systems
xv.  Parents against Injustice
xvi. Researching Reform  – monitoring the Judiciary and Parliament
xvii. The Road to Change – 18 month walk across 31 European cities to Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse
xviii. The White Rose Blog  – publishing the deaths of ‘Lost Souls’ in ‘care’
xix. UK Corrupt Family Courts
xx.  UK Social Workers Exposed – in the Best Interest of the Child…
xxi. Unity Injustice
xxii. Child Care Proceedings Exposed
b.    by State Supported Agencies
i.      Pet Rehoming Site seeking Foster Parents
9.    YouTube Videos – with numbers of views rounded down
a.    Conspiracy of Silence – Banned Discovery Channel
b.    Disturbing Video of UK Police taking 13 year-old
c.    Forced Adoption – UK selling children for money
d.    Forced Adoptions in Britain
e.    Pregnant Mother Flees UK Social Services
f.     Brian Gerrish Feb 2010 Part 1 of 9 – Child stealing by the State
g.    Adoption of Slovakian children rumour untrue says David Ward MP
h.    UK Column Child Stealing
i.      Stop Stealing our Kids
j.      Golden Rules to getting your children home
k.    Caught on Camera – State Steals a One-Day old Baby
l.      UK Social Services Exposed
m.   Loving Parents’ Despair – exposing the SS
n.    White foreign children targeted for forced adoption, says UK MP
o.    Forced Adoption in the UK
p.    UK Forced Adoptions for Cash
q.    Forced Adoption is at a Record High
r.     Stop Forced Adoption Conference
s.    The Reason Family Court is Corrupt
10.  Facebook Groups and Pages
a.    Ivana Boorova – in support of the mother of the 2 Slovak boys who were returned after 920 days
b.  UK database for sex offences against children
c. Child Abuse Awareness WorldWide
d. UK Social Services BBC Time to Expose and Investigate Child Snatching
f.  Stop Forced Adoption
g.    The quest for justice the real truth behind child abuse
h.    Humanity against Child Stealing
i.      Social Services Stole Our Babies
j.      UK Parents who’ve lost their children to SS to gather statistics
k.    Stolen Precious Angels Alliance
l.      Forced Adoption
m.   Stolen Children of the UK: S.C.O.T.UK
Victims group
Campaign group
Advice & Support group
n.    Kids for Cash Court Scandal
o.    Stop State Sanctioned Child Abuse
p.    Government Crimes against Families International
q.    Corrupt Family Courts
r.     Anti Social Services Forced Adoption
11.  Our Online Petitions
a.    Our own – in reverse chronological order:
i.      Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent
ii.     Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK
iii.    Stop Secret Family Courts encouraging Forced Adoptions
iv.   The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted Now
●     Marvellous comments by signers as ‘live evidence’
v.    FREE the Musas and send the Whole Family back Home to Nigeria! – acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases
●     Fascinating comments by signers asking for the Rule of Law.
b.    Our summaries:
i.      How Many People Know about child ‘care, secret family courts and forced adoptions? – regularly updated on Punishment without Crime
ii.     Towards Tabling our Abolish Forced Adoptions Requests in the EU Petitions Committee – on Victims Unite
12.  Other People’s Petitions – grouped by platform:
a.    On HM Government’s e-petition
i.      Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK
ii.     Stop Social Workers removing innocent children for Forced Adoption
iii.    Reform the Family Courts and Social Services
iv.   Fraudulent Evidence used in Child Protection and Family Courts
v.    Set up an independent complaints committee and governing body for Social Services
vi.   Allow adult adoptees to be repatriated into THEIR OWN families
vii.  Stop Twin-Tracking adoption within care proceedings in certain circumstances, instead of providing help to the families
viii. Family Court Overhaul urgently needed
ix.   Social Services must provide evidence to be able to withhold children from their families
b.    On change.org
i.      Prosecute the Politicians responsible for the Secret Family Courts
ii.     Mr Matt Dunkley: Stop proceedings against an innocent mother
iii.    Stop Social Services’ lies and abuse of innocent families: stop forced adoption
iv.   News Media report on the corruption and failures in DHHS and CPS
v.    Nottingham Social Services forced adoption: help keep families together; stop using lies to rip them apart
vi.   The Government and Social Services: stop forced adoption and recover children
vii.  Liverpool County Council: Stop Forced Adoption for 2 boys
viii. The Children’s Commissioner: Stop the exploitation / trafficking of UK children through forced adoption
ix.   Family Courts: open courts, stop gagging orders, make SS prove their evidence!
c.    On GoPetition
i.      Justice for Melissa
ii.     Adoptees, The Forgotten Ones 
iii.    Protect our children from Social Services system abuse
iv.   Increase Transparency in the Family Courts
v.    Against Social Services Stealing Innocent Children
vi.   Stop Judicial Abuse
vii.  Stop Forced Adoption of Innocent Children
viii. Stop people getting away with ‘grooming’ because the child is over 16
ix.   Social Services, stop taking loving and innocent parents’ children away
x.    Open Family Courts to the public to see the truth
xi.   Stop Social Services taking loved children to hit targets for money
d.    On Care2
i.      Help Save Stolen Children
ii.     Making the Charter for Grandparents mandatory
We implore the Petitions Committee to make recommendations that can be enforced asap.
There are not many days in childhood, and they feel much longer than adult days.
Association of McKenzie Friends 21a Goldhurst Terrace London NW6 3HB
Pārpublicēts no http://www.antijujuagency.org/2013/07/a-compilation-of-statistics-media.html


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